High performance More comfortable

In the aspects of stability and comfort,XIDE brings more surprise.The master control system of the sightseeing elevator adopts military-double 32 hybrid chips,frequency converter imported with original packaging and Siemens integrated door motor, thus the elevator is popular,flat and smooth. At the same time,more human caring concepts are taken into consideration in terms of the designs of the whole machine, the tractor and the color of the ultra-smooth motion system.


Reliable driving system, safe and smooth operation

“Multiple protections” experience from large electronic systematic engineering is successfully appliedto the development of the sightseeing elevator to establish the safe and reliable driving platform of thehost engine.


  • 28000 hours’ service life without oiling of the bearing
  • The magnetic device is able to run for 5 million times without maintenance
  • The low noise of 43 dB is better than the international electromagnetic radiation
  • The emitter is low and better than the international standards of IEC255.

XIDE innovative technology brand the sightseeing elevator

High efficiency and energy saving tractor

Advanced permanent magnet synchronous tractor has made new breakthroughs in the aspect of sine wave in the air-gap magnetic field and in the aspect of back EMF sine wave. Possessing as many as five invention patents, it has the properties of tiny torque, high efficiency,optimal energysaving effect and the best smooth torque, and its transmission efficiency isas high as more than 95%.

Energy regeneration technology

Energy regeneration technology is realized by converting the movement potential energy of the lowering elevator into electric energy,so that electric energy which is clean, free of pollution and congruent with the national electric power standard is provided for other users of the system, and energy regeneration is realized.

Clean elevator environment

The brand-new manufacturing process of the wall of the lift-car adopts the corrosion-resistant and anti-bacteria processing technology, the advanced technology makes the elevators easy to clean and guarantee the cleanness of the lift-car.

Frequency conversion,energy saving,intelligent output according to load

Digital signals are precisely collected according to the number and weight of the bearing, digital control system calculates accurate,frequency converter provides precise torque, and energy is delivered intelligently according to the load, all of which help to reduce the power waste when the elevator is unloaded or not fully loaded.

Integrated and energy saving door motor

Precise digital control has been achieved by the high-efficiency motor and vector frequency converter of Siemens,subsequently,it is able to provide precise torque,thus,door motor energy saving is realized.

Pollution-free elevator

The permanent magnet synchronous tractor needs no oil-injection, so the machine room is free from oil pollution. Imported bilaterally sealed bearing is applied at the rotating parts, no leakage shall occur. Special oil box is designed for well lubrication, it is able to provide reasonable amount of oil according to the operation. And the special anti-drip design is able to keep the well clean.

Extremely low electromagnetic radiationr

The control cabinet uses anti-interference technology,the control system has comprehensively passed the electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing required by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC255,and they can guarantee the elevator’s stable operation and prevent the extreme interference from the peripheral equipments.The electromagnetic radiation is extremely low so as to reduce the harm of electromagnetic radiation to human bodies.