The system takes the lead to pass the comprehensive international electromagnetic compatibility testing

The elevator adopts military-level master control system of double 32 bit CPU hybrid chip,builds up a stable and intelligent medical platform of the medical elevators.The lectromagnetic compatibility meets international standards, and it is at industry leading level.It is the first in the elevator industry to comply with the IEC1000 series standard of the International Electrotechnical Commission and the CISPR electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, and it is in accordance with the relevant requirements of European EN12015 and EN12016 The elevator EMC includes two respects, the EMI (electromagnetic interference) and the EMS (electromagnetic tolerance):on the one hand, the electromagnetism radiation generated by the elevator is extremely low so that it will not produce any electromagnetic interference on precise medical equipments and patients; on the other hand, the elevator has powerful anti-interference capability against the electromagnetic radiation.

Every minute counts in life saving

The scene of racing against time to save the patient life occurs every day in the hospital. With focus on life saving, special function of “emergency channel” is designed for the SE series.

Emergency channel design

In case of emergency rescue, when the “first aid” button is pressed, the elevator immediately starts “emergencychannel” function, and it is unable to accept any other request, consequently, a special direct channel is formed,which constitutes a relatively independent operation system. When the patient enters, the lift-car will directly reach the “target floor” so that the rescue mission can be completed smoothly.


Anion device creates a natural oxygen bar

Like vitamins in food, the negative oxygen ions in the air have important significances to people’s life activities. The increase of the negative oxygen ions can improve the air quality in lift-car, and moreover, it is more propitious for the patients in the elevators.

Ultraviolet radiation sterilization prevents cross infection

When it is taken into consideration that the people using elevator are more complex, ultraviolet radiation sterilization device is installed in the lift-car. An ultraviolet ray antivirus device with automatic start and stop performance is installed, so that virus killing by ultraviolet ray can be carried out when the elevator is empty. Ultraviolet rays have various functions such as antivirus, sterilization, dust abatement, dirt solution, smoke clearing, taste eliminating and so on, so it meets the basic requirements of medical institutions.

Bacteria resistant process makes it easy to clean

All the stainless steel plates in the lift-car adopt the anti-fingerprint technology, thus, the elevator is easy to clean, and bacterial contamination is prevented, so, it is very suitable for clean environment needs of hospitals.

The adoption of permanent magnet synchronous traction technology upgrades the safety of the elevator to a new stage

Large redundancy design brings powerful overload ability, the designed allowance can be as high as 290%; the braking performance of the high-thrust magnetic device of 250% rated torque is industry leading; the comprehensive performance can reach 40% ~ 70%; the noise is below 43 dB and it is better than the national standard.

The unique vibration reduction technology is able to reduce the vibration of the lift-car from all directions

The hydraulic vibration reduction technology of the luxury car is adopted to carry outlift-car vibration reduction from all direction so as to realize extraordinarily smooth

Variable-speed operation is human,and the elevator is smooth and comfortable

According to the ergonomic principle and adopting the best operation curve, the elevator is able to start and stop gently and freely, which is more suitable for the patient in the elevator.

Accurate flat-layer technology is convenient for patients

Advanced intelligent flat-layer technology is adopted, the flat-layer precision is kept within 0.5 mm so that wheelchairs and hospital beds can come and go smoothly.

The self-help function is designed for your safety

In case of power cut, backup power supply device can be started to drive the elevator operate at a low speed, and the elevator will automatically stop at the nearest floor
flatly to ensure the safety of the passengers.