High performance asynchronous host engine

Mighty force moment is transmitted in a small space, high transmission efficiency can also be ensured when the speed is low.The escalator has the advantages of small friction coefficient, easiness in the establishing of dynamic pressure oil film, high transmission efficiency and energy saving.Its tractor adopts the internationally famous speed reducer, and the power transmission efficiency has a high wear resistance.The shoe type brake is reliable and easy for adjustment, it is installed between the motor and the reducer between to ensure good braking performance and safety twitch distance, so that the escalator can operate smoothly and with low noise.



Security design with orientation

Human design concept is infused, and the care of brand is revealed in detail. The indicator lights at the security entrances embody the people-oriented design essence.

 Corrosion resistant

Processed with advanced technology,the escalator’s service life is much longer and it can effectively guarantee the passengers’ safety.


Load adaptivity

The driving force is powerful and reliable,even though the escalator is overloaded for a short time, it also can balance the requirements of standard IEC38.

Self-generating system

The escalator is equipped with energy feedback device and the double escalators can complement energy by self generating.


Precise structure

The truss adopts finite element analysis, and its rigidity and anti-distorting ability have reached the internationally advanced level.

Protection in emergencye

With anti-seismic technology being applied, the escalator can deal with sudden and also unexpected accidents, so its security level is higher.