Complete digital technology building smart platform

The control unit is designed with military class dual 32-bit CPU chips which are used for Can BUS data communication network systems in aviation and navigation to provide reliable guaranty for intelligent transportation.

Advanced control unit saving your energy

The advanced heavy duty dray machine is designed with vector-controlled inverter technology to optimize the performance curve for breakthrough of intelligent running of cargo/vehicle elevators, which significantly satisfies the customers demand for reliable products, energy saving and stable operation of elevators.

Intelligent control for heavy loads

The hardware and software combination of VVVF vector inverter driving control technology and large power driving system enables the ultimate loading capacity of cargo elevators.



Door closing delayspecially designed for cargo transport

Closing delay switches are specially designed for cargo elevators and installed in the control panels for convenience of long-time cargo transportation to/from the elevator. The user-friendly German design provides intimate experience for cargo transportations.


Smart automatic service for vehicle parking

Considering special requirements for the car safety, the vehicle elevators are equipped with opto-electronic sensors for detecting car positions. When the car is approaching the door, the sensor can detect the car in advance and automatically open the door for entry.


Heavy duty and high  overloading allowance

The enhanced car structure is made of thickened steel plate to improve the load capacity and the high strength precise mechanical design ensure the minimal mechanical distortion. Taking consideration of cargo loading in workshops, the entire elevator is designed with high overloading allowance which enables 290% rated loading capacity and improves the inverter with 2 shifts to meet the requirements for super heavy loads.


All-digital intelligent control

Implement renewable energy technologies, the movement of the elevator down the potential energy into electricity. Systematic research on the shaft, the independent development of ultra-smooth shaft system run comfortable, smooth, dynamic friction coefficient of 0.03, 0.04 coefficient of static friction, the national invention patent, wells running resistance to a minimum.