The company is located in the eastern bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge – a beautiful coastal city of Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City, one of the key national 14 coastal cities, and is close to the national high-speed G15, G25 and G30. As a professional elevator supplier in China, Xide Company is committed to providing our clients with high-quality,fullrange of elevator products and services to form a business section with the integration of development, design, manufacturing,sale, installation and maintenance.


Siemens automation and drive control technology occupies a leading position of the high-tech drive and control technology of the world. The profound historical background and strong scientific research abilitywin for Siemens control technology a world leading position. The Siemens automation control technology has been always providing reliable, safe, advanced, perfect and strong high-tech products for various places in the world, and the Siemens drive and automatic control products provide the world’s most sophisticated system products for the elevator application. XIDE takes the lead in the elevator industry in the authentication of quality, environment and  occupational health and safety (ISO9001, ISO14000 and OHAS18000).

Elevator originator

In 1881,Siemens applied the generator technology in elevators and invented the first real sense elevator of the world.More than 130 Years, Constant innovation,Siemens has become the design and manufacture of cutting-edge automation technology world-class company.

Creating China’s first elevator

In 1910,a wooden triangle box elevator(China’first elevator) manufactured by Siemens Company was installed in th Shanghai.Federation Building, and it is a history of 100 years so far.


Always regarding product quality as enterprise life, XIDE Company takes continuously exploring product value as the first priority of its development.The powerful combination with Siemens Company introduces the rigorous Germany elevator manufacturing science and technology into China.The core parts of elevator drive and automation (door motor, inverter, relay, contactor, air switches, etc) are all from the Germany Siemens Company. Deep cooperation means that XIDE Company will occupy the industry technology vertices,and lead enterprise development future.

Technology advantage leads the elevator industry

The leading technology advantages have built up for the XIDE elevators high-quality customers and good public praises in the Chinese market. Relying on the value concepts of Siemens, the XIDE elevators strive to provide more optimal, more intelligent, more stable, and more fuel-efficient elevator products for the clients, as well as give more value caring.

Dual core processing technology

Siemens takes the lead of the industry in using the most advanced military-level 32-bit computer chip processing technology.

Leading control technology

Siemens is tha known as “the father of the vector technology”.The PLC control system of the Siemens is the teaching model of the elevator control technology of many brands is based on the Siemens PLC control technology.

High-tech door motor system

The elevator door motor system is the competitive product developed by the Siemens Company based on years of technology experience accumulaion,in the markets of American and European developed countries,it occupies a huge market share and enjoys a good reputation .It has been always holding the top position in the elevator field, and some of the high-end elevator models produced by many international elevator giants use Siemens door motor system.