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Passenger Elevators

Specially designed for high-grade hotels, clubs, business offices, etc Matching of the lift-car Lift-car walls: stainless steel etched with titanium, mirrors decorated with honeycomb marble Front lift-car walls:titanium mirror Steering handle wheel: titanium mirror Lift-car door titanium mirror Floor:Marble parquet floor board Railings: stainless steel pipe.

Sightseeing Elevators

High performance More comfortable In the aspects of stability and comfort, XIDE brings more surprise. The master control system of the sightseeing elevator adopts military-double 32 hybrid chips, frequency converter imported with original packaging and Siemens integrated door motor, thus the elevator is popular, flat and smooth see it here.

Medical Elevator

The system takes the lead to pass the comprehensive international electromagnetic compatibility testing The elevator adopts military-level master control system of double 32 bit CPU hybrid chip, builds up a stable and intelligent medical platform of the medical elevators. The electromagnetic compatibility meetsinternational standards, and it is at industry leading level viagra australia.


High performance asynchronous host engine Mighty force moment is transmitted in a small space, high transmission efficiency can also be ensured when the speed is low. The escalator has the advantages of small friction coefficient, easiness in the establishing of dynamic pressure oil film, high transmission efficiency and energy saving.

Cargo Elevators

Complete digital technology building smart platform The control unit is designed with military class dual 32-bit CPU chips which are used for Can BUS data communication network systems in aviation and navigation to provide reliable guaranty for intelligent transportation.